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Support for parents, babies and toddlers
Supporting families with FEED, PLAY & REST to help parents, babies and toddlers be the best versions of themselves!
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Don't  just survive, thrive! 
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I'm Nupur

Hey there!

I'm a Baby Consultant: a mama, science educator, prenatal yoga instructor, baby sign language teacher and certified pediatric sleep consultant. My passion is to empower and support families to FEED, PLAY and REST in the best ways using the mind of a scientist and the heart of a mama.

Nupur Israni Feed Play Rest

Nupur is not only a baby consultant, she is a parent consultant, a therapist, a problem solver, and a friend. I don’t quite know how she does it all, but I’m so thankful for her. Our first time parent journey has been so much easier with her guidance. I tell every newborn parent and soon-to-be parent about Nupur because I truly believe that she’s a game changer. Anyone would be lucky to have her in their corner!- Shivani

What are they saying?

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If you are expecting parents or if your newborn is between 0-15 weeks, these packages are for you. Build healthy sleep and feeding habits from the get-go, learn how to establish routines and seamlessly integrate newborn activities into your little one's day. A healthy foundation will lay the groundwork for those infant and toddler stages!

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If you are expecting parents or parents of 0-4 year olds, and want to tackle your goals without committing to a package, these mini consults are for you. Spend one-on-one time chatting with Nupur and receive evidence-based guidance in the form of a customized, written Feed, Play & Rest Plan for your child.


If your baby is between 4 months- 4 years, these infant or toddler packages are for you. Learn how to conquer sleep regressions, introduce your baby solid foods systematically, expose your toddler to new foods, and watch your little one learn through play, music, reading and baby sign language. I'll take the thinking, planning and researching out of your day, so you can just savor those precious moments with your bubba!

If you are an expecting mama in need of help with registry building, nursery set-up, hospital preparation or prenatal yoga these mama consults are for you. You'll find yourself feeling more prepared, organized, relaxed and grounded as you begin your journey of mamahood!
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Feed Play Rest Client Review Testimonial

"I researched and scheduled an appointment with Nupur in the middle of the night when my little guy pushed me to a breaking point. Her demeanor and approach instantly put me at ease. She was so friendly and helpful during the whole process. Nupur works with your parameters and guides you through the whole process. She is amazing and does not work to fix only one aspect but helps adjust feeding and playing to ensure a good quality sleep. Its like getting 3 in 1. I didn't think it could be done, but she made him a happier little monkey! Nupur didn't just help my little bub, she helped me be a better parent to him as well and I am forever grateful for that! Highly highly recommend to any parent, at any stage. I only wish I had reached out sooner!!"

Nelishah & Prasanna,
San Francisco, CA
 Deluxe Infant Package (2 weeks)
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    Baby Sleep Training
    • Why choose FEED PLAY REST?
      My offerings are unique because I provide a comprehensive, well-balanced and scientifically-backed approach to pediatric FEED PLAY and REST. My extensive background in education, yoga, prenatal training, baby sign language and sleep training give me a well-rounded perspective and ensure that my recommendations will always be evidence-based, consistent and current. The support and guidance I offer is completely personalized to you and your baby, and your family's goals are of utmost priority to me. I am constantly evolving and staying up to date with the latest information in the fields of child development, infant mental health, and pediatric sleep science. When you work with me, your plans are not just customized to your family, they are also rooted in the most current evidence-based research and best practices.
    • What services do you offer?
      I offer guidance and support for parents, babies and caregivers. Depending on the type of guidance and amount of support your family needs, you may choose coaching packages for newborns, babies or toddlers (ages 0-3) that range in time (1, 2, 4 or 8 weeks) long. I also offer Mini and Mama consults which are shorter (hourly) or tune-up sessions (usually for repeat customers) to tackle one or two goals at a time. Check out the "Services" page for more details and get in touch. I'd love to have you join the FEED PLAY REST family!
    • What is your training and background?
      I have an undergraduate degree in Science with a double major in Biology and Chemistry, as well as a Master of Education in middle and high school science. I am also a RYT 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher, 500 hours), of which 85 hours are specifically in Prenatal Yoga. In addition, I hold a certification in Baby Sign Language and I am a certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist. I am truly a life-long learner and my greatest passion is putting my mama, teaching, yoga and science hats together to create unique offerings for FEED PLAY REST families.
    • How do the services and packages work?
      Regardless of the service you choose, we will always begin with a FREE discovery call. A typical client would do the following: Step 1: Book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call from the website. This will give us the opportunity to meet, and discuss your goal/s. Step 2: We will find the right package or service that best suits you and your family and once purchased, you will receive a link to my calendar to book your first consultation by Google Meet. Step 3: After the call, you will receive your personalized FEED PLAY REST Toolkit created just for you and your baby. For packages with daily check-ins, you will choose an AM or PM window and we will begin to work through your daily schedule, logging tools and your FEED PLAY REST Toolkit. I will never just leave you with PDFs, and during our daily check-ins you will get lots of moral support and feedback in live-time as we work to accomplish your goals throughout the program/consult of your choice. By the end of our time together, you will feel empowered and confident as you thrive along your journey of parenthood and watch your baby FEED PLAY and REST in the best ways!
    • What happens if I do not achieve my goal?
      While my strategies and guidance are rooted in science and evidence-based, your success relies heavily on making sure that our plan is being fully implemented and consistently maintained. You can think of me as your personal trainer- if you are fully committed to the process, you follow our plans, and communicate well with me, you can be sure to see success! Families who trust the process and trust me, have a very high success rate because we work together and do everything in our power to achieve your goals. When families deviate or choose to “cherry pick” from our plan, they may not see the results they expect.
    • Are your services covered by insurance?
      While I cannot bill insurance directly, should you choose to use your HSA or FSA funds for my services I can provide you with a detailed invoice and other supporting documentation to submit to your insurance company if needed. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that my services will be eligible for reimbursement. **If you are an employee of TIFIN, you may be eligible for coverage of a portion of my services.
    • Are your services virtual or in person?
      All services quoted on the FEED PLAY REST website are priced for virtual consultations. If you require in-person support, I would be happy to chat more. In person visits are limited to a 35 mile radius from Boulder, CO.
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    Gaia Flow Yoga.


    Spanda Yoga School.
    Perth. Australia


    Boulder, CO

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    Baby Sign Language

    Institute of Pediatric Sleep
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    Adult & Pediatric First Aid
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