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I'm a Baby & Toddler Consultant: a mama, science educator, prenatal yoga instructor, baby sign language teacher and certified pediatric sleep consultant. My passion is to empower and support families to FEED PLAY & REST in the best ways using the mind of a scientist and the heart of a mama.

I have been a science educator in public and private schools for over a decade in Toronto, New York and Dallas, and I also teach yoga to adults and children, prenatal yoga as well as Bollywood dance. After the birth of my daughter and the completion of my sleep training and baby sign-language certifications, I put my science, teaching, yoga and mama hats together to create unique offerings for parents, babies and toddlers which eventually led to the creation of FEED PLAY REST. I have been able to watch my passion come alive as I work to empower, encourage, educate and serve families in various communities.

When I'm not consulting, I can be found hiking in beautiful Boulder or chasing after my preschooler. I'd love to work with you as your Baby and Toddler Consultant, and you can also join me for:


You can turn to me for support, encouragement, research and consistency. I will help you troubleshoot in real-time so that both you and your little one(s) will successfully reach your FEED PLAY & REST goals. Thank you for trusting me to be a part of your family's journey. 



Hi there,

BSc (Hons) Biology, Chemistry
M.Ed Middle & Upper School Biology, Chemistry
RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 400
RYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) 85
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Baby Sign Language Instructor
Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED/Blood Pathogens


Nupur Israni Feed Play Rest
About Me

Here are some things we have helped clients with...

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