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If you are expecting parents or if your newborn is between 0-15 weeks, these packages are for you. Build healthy sleep and feeding habits from the get-go, learn how to establish routines and seamlessly integrate newborn activities into your little one's day. A healthy foundation will lay the groundwork for those infant and toddler stages!

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If you are expecting parents or parents of 0-4 year olds, and want to tackle your goals without committing to a package, these mini consults are for you. Spend one-on-one time chatting with Nupur and receive evidence-based guidance in the form of a customized, written Feed, Play & Rest Plan for your child.


Packages for

If your baby is between 4 months- 4 years, these baby or toddler packages are for you. Learn how to conquer sleep regressions, introduce your baby solid foods systematically, expose your toddler to new foods, and watch your little one learn through play, music, reading and baby sign language. I'll take the thinking, planning and researching out of your day, so you can just savor those precious moments with your bubba!

If you are an expecting mama in need of help with registry building, nursery set-up, hospital preparation or prenatal yoga these mama consults are for you. You'll find yourself feeling more prepared, organized, relaxed and grounded as you begin your journey to mamahood!
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